Precise. Intelligent. Holistic.

Keima – HetNet design and optimisation specialists

Keima’s Overture is powerful planning software that combines big data analytics, radio planning algorithms and automation to bring speed, precision and intelligence for practical and profitable network design.

The technical and investment roadmap for densification can only be delivered cost-effectively through a granular understanding of the spatial distribution of data use, coupled with precision in the selection and distribution of network assets.

Overture is the only planning tool that can deliver these capabilities.



The Overture advantage


For engineering teams

Cellular and WiFi, physical and virtualised, centralised and distributed – modern HetNet design involves increasingly complex technology decisions. 5G Era planning requires Overture’s sophisticated modelling to provide engineers with the tactical, strategic and commercial data to speed and inform decision making. Planning tools for a new era. Precise. Intelligent. Holistic.


For business strategy teams

For dense HetNets to be cost-effective, the heavy lifting needs to be done not on the ground but in the planning. Overture’s sophisticated modelling enables carriers to assess accurately the tactical, strategic and commercial implications of detailed deployment scenarios. Overture leverages global social media and other usage data to provide accurate, real world usage models, with greater accuracy delivering fewer sites or greater capacity.


Complex network planning made simple


Complex challenges…

Maximising LTE assets and laying 5G foundations means more cells, more pressure for faster, more cost-effective deployment. But fluctuating usage hot spots, dense urban cityscapes, diverse technologies and fragmented regulations make planning HetNets extremely complex

… need precision planning…

Keima’s Overture leverages real-world data usage patterns, regulatory data and advanced radio planning algorithms to enable simple, informed densification planning

… to deliver profitable networks

Overture de-risks densification, delivering optimised HetNets and supporting investment decisions now and on to the commercialisation of 5G networks.

Networks designed by Overture