Overture is powerful, optimized HetNet design software that combines Big Data analytics, radio planning algorithms and automation to bring precision, certainty and a holistic approach to planning modern wireless networks.

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Overture is not a conventional network planning tool. Overture is design software that was explicitly created to support the technical and investment decisions needed for the dense HetNets that underpin the 5G Era.

It leverages global social media and other usage data to provide a precise model of the spatial distribution of data users across the planet. And more accuracy about real-world usage means design that delivers fewer sites or more capacity.

Precision – precise modelling of any location or any network scenario
Accuracy – accurate and granular data that isn’t available anywhere else
Optimisation – providing the most practical and profitable solutions to network design
Flexibility – set your own parameters, depending on budgets or network assets
Speed – everything done with the click of a button
Multi-band, heterogeneous cellular networks
Public safety networks, such as FirstNet-US
Wi-Fi networks
Non-cellular bands (LoRa, 3.5 GHz, microwave such as LMDS 28 GHz and higher)
Wired and wireless backhaul networks
Strategic and benchmark analyses
In-building deployment prioritization by demand
Asset evaluation and database correction
Planetwide geodata for designing networks – vector clutter, density maps, DSM, DTM and more
Fully scalable ray-tracing propagation algorithms
Multi-technology – CDMA, LoRa, LTE, W-CDMA, Wi-Fi, customized solutions
Full automation suite – auto-tuning, auto-placement, auto-configuration, auto-design

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