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Keima is the HetNet design and optimization specialist.

We are the company behind Overture, a powerful design software that delivers a holistic approach to modern network design. Overture has supported many of the largest HetNet deployments in North America. In fact more than 85% of all small cells in the US have been deployed using Overture.

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For more than a decade, Keima has collected global social media and other usage data so that our software can provide precise modelling of outdoor data usage across the planet.

We have designed our software to support clients from business planning through to deployment, with accurate data that leverage the potential and mitigate the risks of network expansion.

We believe that in this new era of 5G densification, the industry requires changes in mindset and more efficient approaches to network design and rollout that are scalable and low-cost. We believe that in this new era of 5G densification, the heavy lifting needs to be done not on the ground but in the planning.

We believe this new era of 5G densification needs Keima’s Overture.

Iris Barcia

Chief Operating Officer

Iris is an innovative and forward-looking technologist. She works with the executive teams and engineers at Tier 1 network operators, network infrastructure vendors, neutral-host vendors, government organizations, and international services companies. At Keima, Iris has led the development and assessment of HetNet strategies for national 4G, 5G, IoT and public-safety networks, with a focus on future capacity provision and multi-technology evolution.

Prior to Keima, Iris worked on RAN design, optimization and deployment projects at Telefonica and European rural broadband wireless initiatives. She has a BSc and MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Vigo (Spain) and an MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK).

Simon Chapman

Chief Executive

Simon is passionate about rapid research and development of dynamic and cutting-edge solutions to network design problems. He has had a long and varied career in the telecommunications and software industry and brought his wealth of technical expertise together to the design and development of Overture software.

As a theoretical physicist with 10 years’ experience in the numerical modelling of non-analytic systems, Simon then moved on to specialising in optimization and automation algorithms for the telecommunications industry.

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Iris Barcia is appointed as a Member of 5G Wales Advisory Board


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